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07 September 2008 @ 09:38 am
Joker Fanmix: Im Already Inside You  
Subject: Joker Fanmix: Im Already Inside You Picture Keyword: joker -_- Text:
Medium: Movie
Fandom: The Dark Knight
Subject: The Joker
Title: Because I'm Already Inside You
Warnings: Variety of dark and or anarchic music inside. No likey, no looky.


Entire Album Download (ZIP FILE)www.megaupload.com/

1.  Omega by Corey Taylor of Stonesour
(Its a dark poem that's read and written by Corey. I think it describes Joker.)

We all have a little sin that needs venting
Virtues for the rending and laws and systems and stems that riff from the branches of office
Do you know what your post entails?
Do you serve a purpose? or purposely serve?

Download - www.megaupload.com/

2.  Counting Bodies Like Sheep (To the Rhythm of War Drums) by A Perfect Circle

Counting bodies like sheep
To the rhythm of the war drums
I’ll be the one to protect you from your enemies and all your demons
I'll be the one to protect you from a will to survive and a voice of reason
I'll be the one to protect you from your enemies and your choices son
They're one in the same, I must isolate you…
Isolate and save you from yourself …

Download - www.megaupload.com/

3. (Sic) by Slipknot

You can't kill me, cause I'm already inside you.

Download - www.megaupload.com/

4. Enough by Disturbed

Controlling in this suffering
When they’re broken, and lost everything
They're so much easier to lead
Take their hope away
Take their life away
Leave them nothing left inside

Download - www.megaupload.com/

5. Evil Deeds by Eminem

I think if I hear that f*ckin word again I’ma scream
While I’m projectile vomiting. What do I look like a Comedian to you?
Do you think that I’m kidding? What do I look like some kinda idio…
Wait a minute shit, don’t answer that.


6.  White Knuckles by Five Finger Death Punch

How many people really care?
How many will be standing?
I'll light the match, the flame, the fuse, the bomb
Rescue the world from slavery
I wanna torch it, burn it, scorch it, fuckin' stomp it out
Laugh as it blows away
I won't eat another rotten apple
Though I've grown to like the taste

Download - www.megaupload.com/

7. Second to None by Styles of Beyond feat. M Shinoda

Rough and rugged
Kill 'em soft
We don't leave one standin' when we breakin' 'em off
Takin' a loss?
Not a chance in your life

Download - www.megaupload.com/

8. Shut Up by Simple Plan

So shut up, shut up, shut up
Don't wanna hear it
Get out, get out, get out
Get out of my way
Step up, step up, step up
You'll never stop me
Nothing you say today
Is gonna bring me down


9.  Clockworks by Autopilot Off

Write it on the walls and read it
Blood red so you can see it
Life leaking out
Write it on the walls and read it
Until there are no secrets
So safe and sound
At least for now

Download - www.megaupload.com/

10.  Ugly by The Exies

Are you ugly?
A liar like me?
A user, a lost soul?
Someone you don’t know
Money it’s no cure
A Sickness so pure
Are you like me?
Are you ugly?

Download - www.megaupload.com/

11. King of Contradiction by Sum 41

I hope you burn like a cigarette in ashes
as your head comes down and crashes
your throat pours blood from slashes
and I hope you never forget like a tattoo of regret
this time, this time

Download - www.megaupload.com/

Thanks for looking! Tell me if the links to the songs dont work, and I'll fix it. Oh and sorry for the tragic cover art hahaaaa Im stuck using MS Paint :D



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