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01 June 2006 @ 01:08 pm
24 Season 5 Finale!! (Late review)  
Rawr. I'm sick today, (pukes) so im finally updating my LJ! Sorry, I was having some trouble with my computer... It was being all gay and stuff... but anyway, I DID see the finale for 24 this year, and I wanted to review it! (YES. I DO know that this is fairly...late...) So on with the belated review!

ZOMG! Jack broke Vladmir's neck with his thighs! THIGHS! How does he do that O.o... It was kinda funny, but not really. And after that, He SHOT Christopher Henderson! YES! Me and my dad were like, cheering for some reason... but when he shot him i almost jumped out of my skin. I guess i just didn't see that coming.
Then Blah, blah, blah...some other stuff happened...I felt so sad when Aaron and Martha had to part! WHAA!! I thought he was gonna kiss her or somethin'. And then the Two minute sex scene between Charles and Martha Logan. I got a laugh out of that. Short and disgusting im sure. 
Then Charlie Logan (So I call him Charlie...so what?) was captured by Jack...and he was all "IM NOT CONFESSING BECAUSE I DIDNT DO ANYTHING!!!" and Jack was all, " OOO IM GONNA KILL YOU NIGGA!" But alas, he didnt kill him. WHY?! oh well. 
'But you know what REALLY pissed me off? The Airplane hanger scene. Which both Greg Itzin and Jean Smart should get Emmy's for. CHARLIE SLAPED HER. He bitch slaped her hard....at that point, I was like, "YOU MAN BITCH". 
And then at the end! When Charles got caught?? The smirk on Martha's face was priceless. And at the MORE end, Jack got captured by the Chinese! OMG! and like, right before that, I said to my Dad, "Watch him get kidnnaped or something." And I was right! and i was MAD that I was right! ARG. I hate this show, but I love it.

Long story short, BEST season finale of 24 ever! ^.^

But I do have one question though...Who was the guy who kept calling Prez Logan? He was the guy with the glasses? (I missed the first few episodes, so fill me in if i'm wrong...) What if he was like, threatening (sp?) prez Logan? Like, saying he would kill Martha or something? And even if i'm wrong, do you still think that Prez Logan still loves Martha? Or she loves him? o.0 ?? I know, im a dork (mentaly kicks self) but still. Know what I'm sayin' here? huh? HUH!?

While i'm on the topic, I'm looking for some good 24 wallpapers. If anyone knows where I can get one or has one i can use, that'd be a lot of help. THANKIES! ^.^

Oh, and in case you didn't see them, I made some Danny Phantom Icons...but only with Vlad because i only had one screencap...Shut up.

Well, see you all on the flip side! 




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goa_44 on June 2nd, 2006 11:51 am (UTC)
Hey, like your review!

And I just wanted to say, you've credited the icon of me (the prez-yummy-one) wrong, my nick is goa_44

inari_san: Ginji- Movie Starinari_san on June 2nd, 2006 07:32 pm (UTC)
Thank you! ^^

oops! Okay, I fixed it. Sorry about that ^.^;;