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20 February 2006 @ 11:11 am
One Piece!!  
Well, I had a rather odd experience yesterday. I went over to my cousin's house for their birhtdays. My sister ,Nicole, and my little cousin, Brett, had just gotten some new digital cameras and were playing around with them. My older cousin Brandon was playing videogames. Anyway, This kid that nobody really knows comes over, and i'll tell you he was annoying as hell. He wouldn't shut up. Eventually he was so bored, that he went upstairs to the kitchen, found the ham, brought it downstairs, and started to throw it at us. We ran out the door and I jumped into the first dumpster I saw, hoping that overwieght-ham-throwing-5-year-old wouldn't find me. It was inside this dumpster that i called my friend Aubrey for backup, but she was half-way to Florida and she was laughing so hard that the ham-throwing-5-year-old-almost heard it. Eventually he found me, but I jumped the fence and he remembered that he wasn't allowed to cross the street. yay.

Earlier in the day, I had an awsome basket-ball game with like, six of my friends. My team won 12-10. We were originally playing to 11, but you had to win by two. Mikey kept calling fowls, but no one listened to him. We were following our only rule. No blood, No fowl. Which was pretty fun, so i think we'll do it again today, and Nicole is having Keri (her friend) and Brett come over today, so the more the merrier right?

On another note, I think that I am done with my Danny Phantom fandom. Over the past few weeks, I have become overly-obssessed with the anime, One Piece!!! Especially Sanji. He's awsome. I've already put a few pics of One Piece on my DA account, and I am working on a music video to put on YouTube. It's coming out pretty good. Anyhow, I have to go burn a CD for my Aunt, so see ya 'round.

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Current Music: Fat Lip- Sum 41