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16 July 2007 @ 10:06 am
POTC: AWE .... Norrington Finds Elizabeth is on the Dutchman  

Norrington: (Sees Elizabeth being held by 2 Soilders) Elizabeth!

Elizabeth: James! James!! (Runs to him)

James: (hugs her, but Elizabeth doesnt hug back) Thank god you're alive! Your father will be overjoyed to know you're safe!

Elizabeth: My Father's dead.

James: (confused) T-that can't be true, He returned to England

Elizabeth: Did Lord Beckett tell you that?

Davy Jones: (Enters and asks the Chinese pirates) Who among you do you name is Captian?!

Chinese Pirates: Captian! Her! HER! (points to Elizabeth)

James: (confused)

Davy Jones: Captian?

James: Tow the ship. Put the prisoners in the brig. The captian shall have my quarters.

Elizabeth: Thank you sir, but I'd prefer to stay with my crew (Starts walking to her crew)

James: (grabs her arm) Elizabeth! I swear, I did not know.

Elizabeth: Not know which side you chose? (rips away from his grip) Well now you do.

I dont think I made any mistakes, but if I did, tell me :D

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