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19 May 2007 @ 05:19 pm
CSI Season 7 Finale  

So I watched the finale on Thursday, and it was so fantastic!! I really hope Sara doesn't die, because she's hardcore, lol. Basically, due to a cliffhanger, i'm goin to be pissed all summer just because i dunno what happens to her until september. XD. ONLY 6 MONTHS TILL SNOWBOARDING SEASON W00T! As you can tell, I LOVE snowboarding....I hate the summertime....i mean dont get me wrong, i love how we have like, 3 months off from school and all, but I just like anything to do with snow. Oh well, I'll have to deal. I guess i'll go do some crazy shit with my buddies lmao!! :D

I've posted some GSR videos and Naruto vids on youtube.... my name is bleachkurosaki567, so go check em out! Im gonna have some awesome CSI vids up soon too...

Basically, the only reason i wrote this was to just update my journal, considering i havent in so long lmaoo!! Later!

Current Music: The Almost - Say This Sooner